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    Data for the city is freely available from this site.
    Please review our Data Distribution Agreement before Downloading.

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    Free access to map viewers and data.

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Welcome to eThekwini Municipality GIS

Web browser version(s) when using the Website should be: Internet Explorer 11; Microsoft Edge 42; Google Chrome Version 73; and Mozilla Firefox Version 66.

SG Searches redirect to the Chief Surveyor-General Website. Queries regarding the Chief Surveyor-General Website can be directed to the Chief Surveyor-General.

Corporate GIS has deployed a new Oblique Viewer. The geo-referenced oblique imagery advances traditional vertical photography by providing a cluster of five cameras pointing North, South, East, West and vertically down to acquire multiple images. With the Oblique Viewer one can now view each side of a building, structure or feature. It exposes blind spots, exits and entrances which was previously impossible to locate on vertical photography. Additional benefits include measuring height, length and area of features directly from photography.


Geographic Information is at the heart of what eThekwini Municipality does. In recent years there have been significant changes and initiatives in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology which melds maps with data to see the world in a smart way. The biggest trends are centred on efficiency savings, making data more accessible and creating context to visualize this data.

What is Geographic Information

Geographic Information is any information that contains a reference to a location, also known as ‘spatial data’. Geographic information contains either an explicit geographic reference, such as a latitude and longitude or an implicit reference such as an address or road name (Esri, 1998). Research shows that 80% of local government data has a geographic component.

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