Durban Solar Map
Welcome to the Durban Solar Map Website.
This site allows you to plan a Photovoltaic Installation on your roof and gather some information regarding possible costs and potential savings.

Please follow the steps below to see how you can plan an installation:
• Type your address in the search bar and the map will zoom to your property
• Click on ‘Solar Calculator’ and draw the area where you would like to install PV panels
• The size, electricity output and cost of your installation will automatically be calculated and displayed.

Please note :
The calculations are rough estimates, for a detailed quotation click on 'Installers' and follow the link to find a PV specialist in the Durban area.

Disclaimer :
The purpose of this solar map model is to provide guidance on potential costs for Renewable Energy installations in the eThekwini Municipal Area. It is intended for small (<100KW) installations and does not include the cost of financing or maintenance.

The eThekwini Municipality makes no warranty – implied or expressive – with respect to the accuracy, correctness, completeness or appropriateness of any information contained in this solar map model. The eThekwini Municipality undertakes no duty to or accepts no responsibility to any third party who may rely on this document. It is the Model user´s responsibility to thoroughly check that the assumptions are appropriate for their purpose, entered and utilized correctly in the Model.

A more detailed financial model can be found here under the heading DSC-Model for rooftop PV Installation.
Durban Solar Map